Organization of Watersheds

LGROW brings together local municipalities and community stakeholders in a unique format to address issues facing the Lower Grand River and its watersheds. The Village of Fruitport is an active member of LGROW. Together LGROW, the Village of Fruitport, and other partners promote community education and sustainable use of our river resource. LGROW works with the Village of Fruitport and other communities to coordinate their NPDES stormwater permits, and the Organization also works locally with grants. LGROW is committed to making the watershed an ongoing resource for all of us.

Tips for Residents to Help Protect the Watershed:

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Lake Board

The Spring Lake – Lake Board was established in 1997 in accordance with Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. The Village of Fruitport is an active member of the Spring Lake – Lake Board. The Lake Board includes a lakefront property owner, representatives from each of the municipalities bordering Spring Lake, and representatives from both Ottawa and Muskegon Counties. Several board members are lake residents. Since its establishment, the Lake Board has implemented several programs to help improve conditions in Spring Lake. Funding for the project has been derived through special assessment of benefitting properties around the lake. Management activities on Spring Lake are coordinated under the direction of the lake board’s environmental consultant, Progressive AE.


"Nice historic park in the middle of the small town of Fruitport. A modern boat launch, bathrooms, covered picnic table area, a lot of room to play catch or frisbee. And go fishing in Spring Lake."

– Grant DuBridge

"Fruitport Old Fashioned Days is always fun at this park every Memorial Day. A great park for kids to play and dogs to run."

– Jennifer Hancock

"Wow what a great park for fishing, family cookouts, and outdoor concerts I believe Thursday night! Nice clean restrooms also!"

– William Masselink