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Master Plan

As a society, we are increasingly aware of the psychological and physical benefits provided by open space and recreation. It is the Village of Fruitport’s primary goal to actively promote these benefits for the public’s well-being in the form of providing and developing recreational areas and activities. Doing this helps to increase the community’s livability. However, there are many issues to consider when planning for these recreational areas and opportunities. This plan intends to be the guiding document for the promotion of these recreational opportunities in the Village of Fruitport.

As ongoing health studies show, society is becoming more conscious of healthy living and the opportunities that recreation provides to further healthy lifestyles and improve our quality of life. Health studies also reflect the alarming need for increased physical activity for people of all ages in order to achieve these healthier lifestyles. Finally, improvement to a community’s quality of life through recreation also has the potential to better the local economy by drawing new business opportunities to the area. Studies have shown that businesses are drawn to communities that provide quality lifestyles for prospective employees.

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Master Plan

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